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Useful Garage Door Tips Suggestions

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Useful Garage Door Tips Suggestions

These informative tips will help you take better care of your garage door system and it's various parts. You'll be able to make it live up to its full potential.

Make sure your garage door tracks haven't gotten bent

Tracks make it possible for a garage door to travel up and down in a smooth and predictable path. The top ones - the horizontal tracks - also support the door while it's in the raised position. Tracks can bend from a strong sudden impact, or from gradual repetitive grinding. Bent tracks must be aligned or replaced in a timely fashion, otherwise, the door's panels may collapse.

Get safety cables installed

Safety cables are designed to support the weight of your garage door and reduce the risk of injury and property damage that can be caused by broken springs. If for some inexplicable reason your door does not have safety cables installed, it would be wise to contact our expert technicians as soon as possible to get these important components installed.

Dealing with squeaky springs

Your garage door springs can eventually start making noise. This happens normally the longer the door gets used, and wear and tear damage gradually accumulates. While this may not necessarily indicate an immediate problem, it is best to get the springs lubricated using the right products. If the noise persists, contact our garage door experts and get your springs checked.

The importance of routine adjustment

Some garage door components will need to be adjusted every now and then. Over time, and with everyday use, various nuts and bolts can get loose, which can lead to the misalignment of tracks or other parts. Your springs' tension can also need to be adjusted from time to time, but this is a job best left to our expert technicians, as springs can be extremely dangerous to handle without the proper training.

Installing lights above or beside your garage door

Lights can have more than decorative purposes. First of all, this can serve as a security measure at night, because it will allow you be able to better see your garage door, as well as your surroundings. Secondly, it can be a deterrent to any would-be intruders, especially lights with motion detection.


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